Speaking for myself, i'm unsure why you feel all moderators need to express their opinion on this subject. My point of view is mine as a person, not as a moderator. We dont set ourselves up as arbiters of good vs evil nor would we presume to speak for Khaled. We are here to comment on mIRC related problems, and in response to questions may repeat something he has said or written. When we edit or delete posts, or ask ppl to not indulge in name calling or rudeness we arent setting ourselves up as judges of good/evil but are asking ppl to behave with common courtesy and common sense just as we do in #mIRC.

We are admittedly biased with regards to mIRC, Khaled, and Krejt. Obviously we must like mIRC or we wouldnt have spent years in mIRC channels and here doing our best to help ppl. I consider Khaled and Krejt to be friends, and i tend to be protective of my friends and that no doubt colors some of my responses. I fully support their right to put anything they want on THEIR website, as i support the right of anyone to have and state their opinions, expecting only that they do so with common courtesy. The original post here questioned that right, to which Krejt responded. It certainly isnt up to me, any moderator, or anyone else to dictate what they can/cant do on their website nor to explain their reasons for doing so.

So you feel you "need to know" what kind of person i am and apparently feel you can only get the answer to that based on my opinion on this one subject? I am the "kind of person" who has spent much of my free time for the past 7 years helping ppl online. If you look at my profile, you will see that i have spent the majority of my life responding to fires and medical emergencies... if that doesnt tell you the "kind of person" i am, i dunno what will. Yes, the subject of this thread is a "life or death" issue. Trust me, i am more familiar with life or death issues than you will ever want to be, and whether or not i state my opinion on this forum isnt going to matter one bit.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet