Necroman, if you think anyone is going to feel intimidated to stand down from supporting the President by the opinions of anyone on some internet forum, let alone moderators, then you're mistaken.

When you say "the blood" will be on our hands, has it never occurred to you that Saddam spilled blood first? Has it never occurred to you that our true intention is to stop him from spilling more blood? Has it never occurred to you that Saddam Hussein can and will spill more blood to fulfill his dreams of domination?

If you think the so-called "pro-war" people are the bad guys, then you need to look in the mirror and question your sanity. You need to do that because there's a butcher ruling Iraq from his palaces in Baghdad who does not care about you, your family, or the lives of the 2 million Muslims he killed in the 7-years war (1981-87) between Iraq and Iran. And then you need to ask yourself why a forum moderator's opinions would matter any more than would anyone else's.