First of all, a secret paper leaked from MI5 says that there is NO link between Iraq and Al-Qaida. There were some contacts, but they failed because of the ideologic diifferences. There is NO link between Iraq and 9/11 whatsoever. And that's exactly what Saddam Hussein, the odious but legitimate president of Iraq, says in his interview (taken from the news).

Second thing, the leader of the inspectors in 1992-1998 says that all the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq used to have were completely eliminated in 1991-1992 (taken from the news).

Powell's speech contains no direct proofs. Why not continue the inspections now, using Powell's "hints" ? Aren't ongoing inspections the best way to ensure that no weapons can be built or used?

I must be going crazy, guys, but do you really think that a country may attack another country if it finds it suitable? Do you really think you may kill a person if you're sure he deserves that? If Russia thought that Australia had a bad leader and were developing nuclear weapons, would Russia have the right to wipe Australia off the planet without UN's allowance?

Here, in Russia, we don't think so. We also hope that the western people, who have always taught us to value the human life the most, will recall their own lessons.

Necroman, #mIRC @ Undernet