says the creater of this website.
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It doesn't say 'and nothing else'. If it said that the content was exclusively related to mIRC & IRC, then you might have a point.


I have never said that khaled was not entitled to post it, or that it was illegal or that he CANT do it - I have said that it is highly inappropriate and an abuse of the viewing figures that the website attracts due to its aim at the community.

This is not the first time that mirc.com (and I'd imagine, its mirrors) have been used for non-IRC related purposes. Someone has already mentioned the Red Cross appeal. I'm fairly certain that over its lifetime, the website has displayed information on a variety of non-IRC related topics. In this sense, the trend has been around for a while and is not foriegn to the website viewers. In fact, one could argue that it helps make up part of mirc.com. It's nice to know that I'm supporting an organisation that cares about other people. I'm sure that's why billions of dollars every year are pumped in to charities by businesses.

In the end, the viewers will decide.

Something tells me that we won't see any drop in viewing numbers wink