When you say "the blood" will be on our hands, has it never occurred to you that Saddam spilled blood first?

Iraq has paid for its crimes. It was in accordance with the international law.

Has it never occurred to you that our true intention is to stop him from spilling more blood?

You must not kill your neighbour no matter what your true intentions are. You must respect the law, otherwise the world is going to fall into anarchy.

Has it never occurred to you that Saddam Hussein can and will spill more blood to fulfill his dreams of domination?

Stop saying nonsense about his dreams. We're speaking about alive people here.

And then you need to ask yourself why a forum moderator's opinions would matter any more than would anyone else's.

Because I find it strange that the people who are often the first to express their opinions on any subject are keeping silent now.

Necroman, #mIRC @ Undernet