Its not whether I have proof or not. The proof lies within the documentation of the weapons report....and what intelligence has gathered.....Its not about what I have ...the government could give a [censored] less what I let alone you think. of course aggession is a crime why do you think we are disarming Iraq...its aggressiveness toward its people and other surrounding countries...and to keep the aggression going you would simply not get caught by painting a billboard that states "Get your weapons of mass destruction here" you would hide them from the obvious.

I know inspections can be continued arent they now? ....but didnt they recently discover evidence of chemical weapons....Yep maybe not nuclear... And as you put it Humane catastrophes are caused because of personal support....I dont support a war at all thats the last thing that i want to happen. Our government has probable cause and well posession is nine-tenths the if they at one point have evidence of these types of weapons be it -biological, chemical, and yes Nuclear then thats evidence enough that there is a probable threat.

You make it seem like its a big conspiracy...Its not Im just simply stating facts. You are stating things like its a crime this and its a crime that.. This entire subject is just a stalemate and we have our views You make it out to be an act of aggression on our part. Think about it if there was a definate nuclear threat on our country from another nuclear nation, by another nation that poses a severe threat wouldnt you personally like to see that it doesnt happen? And by that i mean aggress the agressor or one way to put it [censored] them first before they [censored] you! This is all one big political stalemate and does it need to continue. Nope. We all know where you stand and where the rest of us stand. Let it go.