Iraq has paid for its crimes. It was in accordance with the international law.

I'm sure that you recall that part of the "punishment" was that iraq was obligued to disarm - There is now evidence that that may not have happened (such as that contained in the blix report)
Also remember that iraq is STILL under trade controls as a result of their crimes...
So to say they have paid for their crimes when the "punishment" is still going on suggests you think less of their crimes than the internaltional community does...


Because I find it strange that the people who are often the first to express their opinions on any subject are keeping silent now.

Forum moderators are required to keep professional in what they do
Joining what is, in essence, an argument which neither side could win would decrease the respect that some members of one side of the argument has for the moderators who said they supported the other side

Personally, I applaud the moderators for not participating (or, alternatively, I applaud the person who told them not to)