hell ive lost who im replyin to so ill reply to myself .... ya know after reading all these comments about all this its an equal stance of for and against this kinda thing ..... to go further into this ...... lets not doing anything at all to sadam for all this cause historical facts have shown him to be quite able to not attack others with his chemical weapons ...... nah he only reserves them for his own population ....... yes i did say his own population ...... nah hes not a mad man hes perfectly capable of having weapons that we cant find ..... i mean it makes no sense to put these weapons out were everyone can see em ...... that would be just stupid of sadam ....... so lets all cheer for the madman who is duped u all into thinking hes ok and that he wont launch an attack on any country ..... cause of cousrs he doesnt have these weapons that we can not find ..... of course ya all cant find santa at the north pole and kids still believe??