First of all, that photo is just a parody of a popular card game...Secondly, this is about disarming a maniac whom threatens his people and the neighboring countries for i.e. cooperation with weapons inspectors, and dont forget the OIL! Saddam has in fact on many countless occasions, has been known to lie about posession of any weapons that could pose a threat to a nation or the world.

If this was about Oil, do you honestly think the US wouldnt have taken control of it by now? Thats whats basically being implied. The main purpose is to ensure that there is no threat of weapons of mass destruction especially from a country that would probably use them or for leverage. But lets not forget about all the other nuclear countries China, India, Korea, Russia, The United States....just to name a few.

Basically it all boils down to this. If Iraq has weapons that have been "evacuated" so that they aren't found by the inspectors, Would Saddam use them to his advantage or sell them to any terrorist network? Thats where the US have stepped in so that that scenario does not happen. Im sure that the iraqis do not want war but have to go on thinking that their leader is doing the right thing or he will kill them. Honestly i think hes trying to follow in hitlers footsteps by trying to become the most dominant nation....(note that i said trying)

People go on how well since Bush Sr. was in office and now that Jr. has taken office that he must follow in his daddys footsteps to start a war. Thats Bullshit. If the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. didn't happen then there wouldnt be a war on terrorism. Iraq came into play when intelligence pointed that
a. They were building weapons of mass destruction
b. They are buying/selling/ trading with certain terrorist networks
Do you honestly think Saddam is making chocolate chip cookies? Hell No! I believe he is hiding something from the world and if it takes war to find out what it is, so be it. Its just merely coincidental that both Bushes had to start a war. But the main purpose is to make sure that the events at Nagasaki and Hiroshima Do not happen again! As devastating as those events invoving the A-Bomb, and that the technology has evolved since. Imagine the destruction that did but with the magnitude of 10 times that!

Like i said before and i will say it again, This is just one big contest to see who has the biggest "prick". But with a cause LOL. I do in fact watch CNN myself and I am well aware of the situation and I myself am hoping that if there is a war that it doesn't last long and that the threat of Iraq is not a problem anymore. After Iraq, you can probably bet that other nations will be forced to disarm....the US included. But that will not happen for many years and many conflicts to come. But you can probably bet that a third world war is in the this war on terrorism and disarming of contries that pose as a global threat.

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