I don't see why one country should be able to build and stockpile dangerous weapons whislt the rest of the world complies with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Iraq is a sovereign, independent state. The international inspections have found NO tracks of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The rest of the world does NOT comply with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (North Korea officially doesn't, because the treaty has never been mandatory). The United Nations have NOT sanctioned an agression against Iraq and mass murder of Iraqi people, purposeful or accidental.

Those were facts.

They won't get tried for war crimes. Waging war is never a crime... ...The liberation of Bosnia was achieved without a UN mandate and no-one got tried for that, this proves my point.

It is actually called "military agression against Yugoslavia", and it proves nothing. Nobody will get tried because no one can capture GWB and his Puddle and make them answer for their crimes. A similar situation occured with Hitler and his "pre-emptive liberation of Europe". History will be the judge.

Necroman, #mIRC @ Undernet