/me quickly pours water on burning soap box and jumps on it

I agree with The Game and Collective. OK, so this forum isn't a chatroom - but it is a community, and people have a right to express their views. Especially the site owner


This forum isnt the issue either
The main page is - and that isnt a community. The information provided on the main site is supposed to be FOR the community, and since the political message has got nothing to do with the community, it is out of place.

YOU were the one who made it into an issue in the forum. Nobody else. You could have simply ignored the main page. I fail to see how posting a link to a non-irc site that is protesting against what is obviously going to be a catastrophic event is harming you in any way. It's not as if anyone's personal views are stated, for God's sake. All it does is point people to a site where they can protest if they wish to do so. Well done Khaled and Tjerk, for having some insight.

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