get ur head out of the idealisms u think are correct ... ive visited thousands of sites and seen advertisements of all kindsa things that dont relate to the actual website ....... it happens live with it and get over it! as for khaleds veiws on all that other crap ...... personally i dont care anymore bout that than his veiws about a peace march ...... gathering a large group odf ppl together too me seems like an easy target and hell again thats not even a point of this issue u all seem to have ...... i mean this forum alone has things in it that dont pertain directly to mirc ...... [censored] khaled even helps advertise other irc clients on his site ....... i mean really that could be construed as abuse if ur really looking to point smoking guns around ..... point is if u dont like khaleds policies his site or his forums feel free to delete urself outta here ....... in the end of it all ...... its his site and his stuff to do whatever he wants to
gm dont ask my opinion before changing body styles on a car and khaled shouldnt have to get ur ok about his site content!