1. You have no proofs.

Correct - I have no proof which someone else cant tell me is a lie
Can YOU prove to me that the moon landings happened?
Can YOU prove to me that the cuban missile crisis wasnt just the US having dirt on their camera lens?

Didnt think so...

We only see half of what our leaders see... What I see is either the US and the UK are lying to billions of people, or there is evidence that iraq are deliberately hiding something (which is a breach of the UN resolution dun forget)
That is not to say that I believe iraq is hiding WMD and should be invaded....


2. Non-sanctioned agression is a crime.

That is a very simplistic approach - and it all depends what you mean by "sanctioned"
From what I understand, this agression has been sanctioned by the US government. Legally, thats all the sanction THEY need.
As long as they obide by the geniva(sp?) convention, it is not a crime for them to invade iraq (afaik - but I may be wrong)
The politics however, are incredibly different... I wont even pretend to understand the political side of things...


3. Inspections can be continued.

And they are continuing. But iraq may be able to keep hiding whatever it is they are hiding and thus the inspections may not find anything.


4. A humane catastrophe may occur because you, personally, support it.

I dont believe that to be the case. Blair has already said that he is willing to risk his political career to ensure that iraq disarms - and the US view is even harder...
So - unless the war doesnt happen before the next election, and unless the UK people who dont support it vote someone else, there is very little that you or I can do
I'm not saying that we should do nothing - just that no matter how many protests we join, if this war would have happened without the protests, it will happen with them

I didnt mean for this thread to be a discussion over whether war is justified or not - it is obvious that nothing anyone on here says will convince either side to switch views
We are just spectators in a very complicated game of chess... arguing about whether bush should or shouldnt press his big red button will just get people up tight and nothing else