Your post has nothing to do with mIRC at all except how you blame Khaled for an opinion....That by the way does the message on the front page speciffically state posted by Khaled or Tjerk? Nah didnt think so...They may agree with the protest but does that mean that that message came directly from them? Nah didnt think so either. They just simply put that up in (ok say it with me now S-U-P-P-O-R-T of protesting a pointless skirmish...) I apologize if my earlier post may have pointed fingers at them directly...

The simple fact is that nobody...and I mean nobody, has the authority to tell the webmaster otherwise! If you simply want to keep dragging this on so be it. If you don't agree with it who cares go ahead and start a club or something with a stupid little handshake about posting a political statement on webpages...GET OVER IT!

Now, back to the subject at hand AGAIN! The simple statement is clear and yes even optional (imagine that) that if you want to support thousands of others in a campaign against a war you may go that website or whatnot and simply state your opinion you can. If you don't want to then thats ok. But simply pointing fingers at Khaled and Tjerk for what was that again? Oh yeah for posting a political view from an organization not affiliated with mIRC at all. But somehow I don't see an unwritten rule stated in any HTML handbook on making webpages....(somebody if i overlooked that rule please do let me know)

So unless you got something to say that even closely resembles intelligence. Say It. If not shut up and let someone else who is intelligent speak!

*Steps down off his soap box, reaches into his pocket to pull out some lighter fluid and a zippo...proceeds to douse the soap box with lighter fluid, lights the zippo and drops it on the center of the box! Walks away as the soap box burns*