First off can I just point out one thing that's been killing me for weeks now: One full stop is all that's required. I think everyone on this board can see a full stop, seven or so is not necessary, really. Onwards...

history and facts: iraq has tie to terrorist communities .... been proven time and time again ..... iraq as whole may not support its leaders thought but ..... do u judge a coutry on the belief of its ppl or the belief or the ppl in power???

- I have a notoriously bad memory, just remind me of one time when Iraq has been proven to aid terrorist 'communities'? As a whole, I think you'll find that the Iraqi people do support Saddam Hussein. Whether that support would continue if the Iraqi people knew the full story I don't know - to an extent the same question could be raised about G.W. and the American people.

I'm done. For once I'm not gonna go and out my thoughts on this because quite frankly I don't know the whole situation. I suspect that many of the people involved in this thread don't either. I'd be surprised if anyone really does know the full story what with all the bullshit that's getting thrown out by the sensationalist media and the various governments - all of which are giving out the 'truth' that shows them to be absolutely in the right.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.