I can see that the influence of mIRC website has been used to get a message across about the pending war with Iraq and whilst I disagree with the motion I have to support Khaled's right to have the message and the link there. A man's website is his own 'turf' and I think the content put there is entirely upto the webmaster/owner.

I have a website that is quite influencial as well and I also use that influence to get messages across to people. I cop alot of stick for it at times and I accept that but as per mIRC.co.uk, my website is mine and I will say whatever I like there.

As for the war, no reasonable thinking person wants to see bloodshed, be it known though that there is alot at stake if Saddam Hussein is not removed from office. I don't see why one country should be able to build and stockpile dangerous weapons whislt the rest of the world complies with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The only alternative to this conflict that I can see is Saddam reclaiming Kuwait and then other Arab states.