You do make a good point on the fact that this subject does not relate to mIRC and I myself am against a war that basically is just one big "Prick" contest...HOWEVER, and I myself may contradict any previous postings that I may have posted, but IRC is a way to communicate with one another and the views that other people may have on the subject at hand.

IRC isn't just a bunch of people sitting in a chatroom saying "LOL" all the time, Its about people sharing views with one another or meeting new people, so you see this does correlate with IRC one way or another. People on IRC may have family that they do not want to see go overseas. I see that subject everyday while online and everyone that I talk to are against it.

Now correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the mIRC homepage have a fund raiser for the American Red Cross? So you see you can come here and find out about updates to your client and share views and thoughts and yes I dare say protest a potential war. Just think about it...Sitting in a chatroom saying "LOL" every three seconds isn't all you see, People do protest the war within the with that being said, Case closed!