Now correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the mIRC homepage have a fund raiser for the American Red Cross?

Raising money by donating registration of mIRC is one thing... a purely political message is another...
If khaled wants to donate all proceeds from feburary's mIRC registering to MUAWI (made up anti war international) - fine, put that on the front page - but having a purely political message is just an abuse of the popularity of the irc client and those who want to find out about mirc!

Besides - the fund raising efforts were directly linked to mIRC, so it was entirely appropriate to display information regarding them

People do protest the war within the chatroom...

The mIRC website is not a chatroom - it is much closer to compare it to the mirc-announce mailing list. One (or two) people control the content on it for thousands (millions) of others to see.
If khaled/tjerk wanna protest about the war, I completely support them in their views - but the mIRC website is not the place for it

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