Before I start, I just want to say that this thread is probably going to prove unpopular - especially with the poster of the "stop the war" piece on the front page (tjerk I guess) ...

the mIRC website isnt a news outlet, its not a propoganda machine (or, atleast, it shouldnt be) - and having the weakest possibly link to IRC by saying "IRC has always been about communication, about dialogue." in an attempt to justify the propoganda on the frontpage is - in my honest opinion - absolutely absurd...

I am against a war on iraq, but I am even more against what can only be described as an abuse of the large mIRC userbase by the article poster expressing their own views on a subject which is utterly unrelated to IRC.

I must say, I am very dissapointed.

IRC is about communication, sure, but its about everyone having their own personal views. IMO such a prominent client as mIRC should not - under any circumstances - be sending a political message out to irc users. We look at the mIRC website to check for updates for our client! not to be told about news of anti war protests.
If we want to have news about the marches, there are thousands of ways that interested parties could find out about them, let alone all of the real news outlets which will be covering them, or the people who stop us in the streets to tell us about them