I'd like to point out that some/most people pay Khaled $20.00 for their use of MIRC. Thereby helping to financially support this website. (And even Khaled to a degree.) So, according to your reasoning, they can 'whine' all they want. Why you use words like 'whiners' is your problem. Khaled used the main page for a POLITICAL statement. He coached his words, but it is still a POLITICAL and personal statement about Iraq. If he is against all war, then why doesn't he show his feelings about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait which started all this? Or the civil war in the Ivory Coast? Or China's occupation of Tibet? Or the destruction of the Twin Towers? You can talk all you want about this is Khalid's site, and personal statements, etc. But what is the name of this site? What is its stated purpose? By the way, what happened to all the Kuwait prisoners of war taken by Iraq 12 years ago? Kuwait wants them back. And the poison gas used on the Kurds? Is that in the main page?