Does it really matter? Nope. I myself along with probably thousands may millions may agree that a war isnt really necessary, however you started this post which is gonna futher into an arguement on political issues. And if ICQ or Kazaa or any other site decide to support the protest more power to them...But like i said this issue does correlate to thousands of chatters and their views. But who are you to say this isnt the proper place to display such a subject....If Khaled and Tjerk want to post their views and get potential support from others on a potential war that could affect everyone one way or another then more power to them.

But if they decided to post a message saying: "To the families and friends of the crew of the shuttle of columbia, our hearts and prayers are with you" Would that be wrong if you think it is then I say you are in the wrong. It is simply a message stating where people stand and you may have your own views and opinions and you are entitled to that. Also, you should expect a reaction because like I said before you are just furthering an argument that doesn't need to go on and on.

My opinion, your opinion, and someone else's opinion may all be different or may be the same. You had a point that this doesn't relate to mIRC and where your views stand are respected but will not be agreed with. A potential war does in fact impact everyone in the world whether you are on an island in B.F.E or in Iraq, China, and yes even Canada. So you see the homepage for mIRC can announce different things from servers to the latest version, Protests or anything that pertains to the latest news.

I do not know if you have seen them but there are "News bots" in chatrooms that announce the latest turn of events. That really isn't necessary but people do want to know whats going on in the world...People do have lives you know. Back to the subject at hand, If there was a post stating that mIRC had to be pulled because of politics and Khaled and Tjerk wanted to protest that, would that also be wrong? So with that all being said AGAIN, I say let's not further this anymore. If you want to whine, bitch, piss and moan that the mIRC affiliates decide to voice their opinion and ask for support from others to not have a potential war is just isn't necessary. Who are you to say it shouldn't be expressed?

To Khaled and Tjerk:
I, along with probably hundreds, if not thousands support your views...Keep up the good work!