would you care to explain how it is in any way and abuse of power for someone to post their own views on their own website?


The main website www.mirc.com is not a personal website. It is a website centered around one thing (the clue as to what that thing is is in the URL)
Khaled has his own personal portion of the site - http://www.mirc.com/khaled/ - Tjerk has his own too http://www.mirc.co.uk/krejt.html

The main page, and (afaik) all others except the two exceptions mentioned above are aimed at the community - providing information, links, help, forums, etc about IRC - not about iraq or war or anything else.
If the poster wanted to post the "article" (for want of a better description for the segment I believe should not have been posted), then they should have done that on their personal website - not abusing the popularity of the mIRC website to get more people to notice it.