Saddam has killed more people than any war against him will, civilians or otherwise. Ask any Kurd that and I am sure you'll get a favourable response.

As there, apparently, seems to be evidence of Saddam providing succour to Bin Laden, and given that a war in Iraq is merely an extension of the war against terror, isn't that a valid reason to disarm Iraq and block it's financial networks from giving Al Qaeda anymore money? I have a link to a news page on my website that demonstrates that Al Qaeda is still operating and is planning an attack that will make the bombing of the World Trade Centre look like a boy scout campfire (Al Qaeda's stance). How many more aeroplanes have to be hijacked and how many more skyscrapers occupied by innocent workers from all over the world have to be bulldozed before these people are stopped? Al Qaeda has many sources of funding and Iraq is apparently one of them.

For the record I hope that those involved can shoot straight. I don't want civilians hurt or killed anymore than anyone else does. No war altogether is the preferable option but what has Saddam done to help prevent it - not a thing. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying the US is perfect either, as they have around 6,000 nuclear missles aimed at Russia and China, though they have adequately demonstrated that they are prepared to cop it first before firing back and this principle is what the current conflict is all about. Saddam is prepared to attack without warning and without provocation, an ample reason for the West to stop him.