Nobody will get tried because no one can capture GWB

No need. He wan't the US president at the time, Clinton was. Secondly, I wouldn't call what Hitler attempted 'liberation', it was more like a hostile corporate takeover on a massivly destructive and imhumane scale, which is the worst aspect of any war. I challenge anyone to describe ethnic cleansing and totalitarianism as any form of 'liberation'.

Since Australia is in the Southern Hemispehere and a great distance from the typically serialist conflict of the Northern Hemispehere I can breathe relativly easy, however in WW11 Australia sent 800,000 young men (Army, RAN and RAAF combined) into battle "For King and Empire", which is pretty big for a country of about 6 - 7 million at the time. I'm hoping we don't have to repeat that. Let's hope all countries don't have to repeat it.

Iraq is a sovereign, independent state. The international inspections have found NO tracks of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

So is Kuwait, yet Iraq didn't mind trying to taker her as it's own about 12 years ago. Every man and his dog knows that the US only intervened because of the oil issue, proof of that was in the way the US reacted when Indonesia washed their hands of East Timor and let the warlords roam the place. When the world finally stood up and took notice the US 'told' Australia to go and tidy up. Work that out.

As for the weapons, yes, true, none have been found. Yet. When you look for things that a sovereign country might be hiding it is not always easy to find what you are looking for. Iraq isn't exactly small in land area, they could hide anything anywhere they like. Even a spy satellite can't take pictures of every square centimetre of Iraq in time to flush out any mobile operations.

So maybe Saddam doesn't have anything to hide. It's not like he's demonstrated this lately though. But then again, the UN, in a display of sloth and weakness hasn't bothered to enforce resolutions which allow weapons inspectors to search Iraq until the pressure of the war against terror required the new resolution. If Saddam hadn't have booted the Inspectors then the issue would probably have been resolved by now and Iraq could have been a major oil producer again, which in turn could have lead her people to have a more comfortable standard of living.