Why don't you ask Khaled that? He does have an email address...noone here knows his opinions, so you can't expect D3m0n to answer questions on them.

I'd like to point out that some/most people pay Khaled $20.00 for their use of MIRC. Thereby helping to financially support this website. (And even Khaled to a degree.) So, according to your reasoning, they can 'whine' all they want.

They pay for the use of mIRC, they do not pay for the hosting of the website directly, nor for the right to use the website, so it is out of the equasion. Following your (flawed) logic: I bought WIndows XP therefore I should be able to decide what MicroSoft put on their website.

You can talk all you want about this is Khalid's site, and personal statements, etc. But what is the name of this site? What is its stated purpose?

The website's stated purpose is not a contract with anyone. He has not signed a piece of paper agreeing not to express himself. Regardless, your opinion of his choices are neither here nor there, just don't visit the website if you don't like what's on it.

If you do not understand that the owner of a website has the right to decide what is on it then you are obviously not very intelligent.