1) I then used TM's House scan once again, and it found nothing in the initial system scann and no viruses detected.
2) After doing this, I found I was then able to access antivirus websites once again, Including te ones at Trend Micro and Grisoft that I had previously not been able to access.
3) I thought I had solved my problem, so I reacvtivated system retore, and rebooted my computer.
4) after my computer rebooted AVG tried to launch, and I got the same error message again.

I would hope you would NOT repeat step #4 again because it SOUNDS like the virus is on that previous version of your OS and brought the virus back with it. I can only hope that some of the info posted here can at least lead you in the right direction. We're posting tons of updated info (as you can tell) when we find something new to add so it can help others (even if it turns out to be a "tried that, didnt work").

(general statement): I sure hope we (the IRC community) can now learn to NOT CLICK THINGS WE DONT KNOW ABOUT. A LOT of these TYPES of things can be avoided if we use a bit of discretion when clicking links, going to sites, etc. When in doubt, DONT CLICK A LINK IN MIRC. What's the harm from that, curiosity's gonna kill you? ;-)

Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it