Well, I read through all the posts in this topic, and I decided to check something. Now, I'd first noticed this on my own computer sometime after I came back from spring break last month, and only Housecall was detecting (neither NAV nor BitDefender registered anything). Very confusing, since I tend to be fairly paranoid about what I do with my computer, and I'd never had it before. Thing was, I couldn't remember whether this was pre- or post-upgrade to 6.14. So, I just tested this on my office computer, which I know was clean before I tried. I had mIRC v6.12 on my office computer, checked it with Housecall, nothing. I then upgraded it to v6.14, checked it with Housecall again, I got a hit. To me, this suggests that there's some change in these two versions that is being mistakenly identified as malware by Housecall. Anyone else clean with 6.12 want to try this to see if this also occurs? I can't imagine that there would have been a drastic code change that would have created this, but I'm not that savvy when it comes to code.

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