"Does Khaled/mIRC not feel any obligation to hasten communications with Trend? I know if it were my program that was in this situation I would be communicating with them every day and informing people of any real information/answers that come out."

Whilst Khaled is a famous guy on IRC, in the grand scheme of things he's not an A-List superstar. Him emailing Trendmicro may hold a little more salt with them as they've no doubt heard of mIRC due to it's use in infecting other people, but they probably won't feel hastened to answer him anymore than you or me emailing them.
Plus, me, you, or anyone here doesn't know whether Khaled actually has contacted them about the issue or not. Who knows what Trendmicro are doing..

By the way, Khaled's life is made a little more hectic due to what I can only assume is the thousands of emails he receives per day, and that's with all the junk mail excluded - and real life too, plus Arnie takes a lot of his time up wink

"Can anyone tell me a tool to use to see when/if a malicious mIRC is being operated from my computer and the traffic it would produce?"

This page has some good ideas on what to do and as you may have heard already (as it has been mentioned several times in this thread) - this post has many resources to get yourself uninfected.

Best of luck.