Like other people i get this error. For instance, When mirc is not open it will detect and clean the virus (whilst "scanning system files"). Then with any further virus scans the virus will not be found. However if I open mIRC and then close it again, And then re-scan it finds the same virus, Very odd, I can't think what mIRC could be adding to my "system files" even if it is a false pos. ?

After the virus is cleaned it isn't detect again until mIRC has been re-opened. So if mIRC is still open after a clean, the virus is not detected by further scans. So It seems mIRC creates some kind of file when it opens which housecall doesn't like.

I also tried this on a copy of 6.03 which i have stored in a different folder (which excludes the possibility of that 1 copy of mIRC being genuinly infected on my system?), Same results.

Note: When I say virus scan I am ofcourse talking about TM's Housecall.

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