Yeah, sysclean most likely does work just fine with some, or even most. smile

"So, I clicked okay, and it then scanned my computer and found the following file:
  • Virus: DOS AGOBOT.HM
    Scan result: Non Cleanable
    File: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Since it was not cleanable, I deleted the file.
- I then used TM's House scan once again, and it found nothing in the initial system scann and no viruses detected.

... seems to indicate that Trend only found one file (hosts) in connection to that worm, in which case it couldn't possibly clean it as a modified hosts file is but one symptom of the worm (and of many others).

So I recommend a trojan scanner|remover, something I think everyone should have in their arsenal - along with at least one good AV program. smile