i use Norton AntiVirus 2004. after i got that "virus" i noticed my Norton was disabled and the AutoUpdate was turned off. i used TrendMicro's free online scan to see what was the problem. I couldn't run nearly any .exe. I checked the registry to see if there was anything wrong. It looked fine. Then i went to Norton's website, and it found something wrong with the registry (the exact thing i checked. as if it were hidden or something). It cleaned it all up. Then I tried installing mirc again and running it. It came back. I recently did a scan again. Found a WORM in my computer. My antivirus would have caught it, but for some reason it didn't. I think that the IRCFLOOD thing allowed it to come into my system, if not installing it, itself. My system hasn't fully restored itself, yet. Everytime i would close something i use daily, an error would pop up.

And even now, i ran an old version of mirc from a CD, and the virus became active again. Is there a way to fully remove it?

I think that the mirc versions that have it, should be removed from the website. It seems to open up a port, that may be how i got the worm. Also, could you guys put an older version that doesn't have it, on the website please? I think you guys don't support the older versions right? Just put the disclaimer saying that you don't support it, and not to email you. It would be greatly appreciated. I have to run Trillian's IRC now, and i hate it.

Also: ever since that happened, i can't recieve downloads from anyone. I don't understand why, at all. Please, any suggestions and help would be greately appreciated.