I really do think this is a false positive for some. For those like me, (where during the "system file" search, which is prior to searching any files, it says "found and cleaned malware.Bkdr_Ircflood.X", but does not list any files, and then the check runs through all files on the hard drive and finds nothing. I checked on the page given earlier "http://es.trendmicro-europe.com/enterprise/security_info/ve_detail.php?VName=BKDR_IRCFLOOD.X" which lists details about the virus. Under my registry entry, the default points to mirc.exe like it should, and not ieexec.exe like the page says it does. Also, I think I know why everytime you restart mIRC it will re-find the virus and clean it again. On that same page it talks about many registry locations of "chatfile...". Well apparently, when you start up mIRC, all these entries are created. I checked them, and they all pointed to mirc.exe and not ieexec.exe, however, I believe that the trendmicro scanner is seeing these entries and assuming that it is the virus, and deletes those entries. Because after I run the virus scan and it says it cleaned it, I can no longer find any entries of "chatfile...". However, again if I close mIRC and restart it, those entries are back. I think this is where the false positives are coming from. Just a guess. Anyone care to comment on this? Please let me know, if you are like me, and have to same thing, with those reg entries reapearing everytime you start mIRC, but with them pointing to your mirc.exe and not an ieexec.exe. Thanks.

PS. This is not directed to any one person. Just to those that are having a similar situation where NO FILES are listed as infected, just during the "system file" scan at the beginning.

One final thing, just so someone can verify this for me. I have mIRC version 6.14 downloaded from mirc.com and installed. My mirc.exe has a MD5 Sum of: 31F010FCF0B67737B04F3B8F2C2639F5
If someone else who does NOT have this problem can check theirs and see if it matches mine, that would be great. Thanks.