simular but would like to add:
using xp pro

when i found that there was no 'chatfile' key in my registry, i did a system restore to a point before i had the virus and the chatfile key was there. kinda made me doubt that this is a false positive.... I then un-did the system restore and did the following.

a registry search [start-run-regedit-click edit-find-then type in the file name] for the IEEXEC.EXE file and found it along with BKDR_IRCFLOOD* and malware.BKDR_IRCFLOOD.* Next i removed those 'entrys' from my registry, just deleted the info and left the field blank.

Today i did the same registry search and the IEEXEC.EXE file is back but the other two files were not present.

During all of this i countiued to scan using trendmicro and the 'malware cleaned' pop up would occure every time even though i had removed the files from my registry.

if this is a false positive, it sure is an active one!!!