I have the same problem like others that run mIRC. The "malware.BKDR_IRCFLOOD.X" is detected only with Trendmicro's software. Neither Norton, McAfee nor BitDefender found any traces of it. My mIRC client is currently version 6.14.

I have a question in regards to the "IEExec.exe" file. Is this file associated with Microsoft's .NET Framework?. These entries below are found along with the path pointing to the ieexec.exe file. These entries were found on two machines I have mIRC installed on. Seems like it does not like to be deleted. The file is copied back over as soon as it is deleted. Is it a windows protected system file? I assume booting into the recovery console to delete the file would work? Can someone confirm that "IEExec.exe" is a legitimate Microsoft .NET Framework file or not.