i may have found a solution for some of us:

my circumstances were the so called "sleeper" trojan and i emailed trend micro about it and this is what i was told to do and i have not had any problems since:

1. Create a temporary folder in a location that you're familiar with (ie: Desktop, C:\, My Documents etc.). To create a folder, right click on your target location and select New > Folder. Rename the folder as 'system cleaner'.

2. Download sysclean.com here: http://www.trendmicro.com/ftp/products/tsc/sysclean.com
** Make sure to save sysclean.com to the 'system cleaner' folder created earlier, otherwise the scanning will not work.

3.You'll also need to download the latest pattern file. Sysclean.com will use the algorithms in this file to detect and clean viruses. Please download the latest virus pattern here: http://www.trendmicro.com/download/pattern.asp
** Once again, make sure to save the LPTxxx.zip file to the 'system cleaner' folder created earlier.

4. Once the virus pattern file download has been completed, you'll need to extract its contents to the 'system cleaner' folder. You'll need WINZIP to extract the contents of the file. Please visit our knowledgebase for the instructions.

5. Check the 'system cleaner' folder for the following files: sysclean.com & lpt$vpn.xxx. Once the files are present, please restart your computer and access Windows SAFE MODE.
1. Restart your computer
2. After the memory test and BEFORE the Windows' loading screen appears press F8 repeatedly
3. If successfully performed, a menu will be displayed. Choose 'Start Windows in Safe Mode' or 'Safe Mode'

6. Once in Safe Mode, simply double left click on the sysclean.com. It should start the scanning process and wipe out/clean viruses detected.

worked for me... if it doesn't work for anyone else than idk. just try it