"My antivirus would have caught it, but for some reason it didn't."

Many viruses nowadays actually manage to disable or evade certain antiviruses because people who release the virus code it to do so - that is why on this board we are constantly suggesting that people use more than one antivirus, to try and scan your computer from more than one angle. No one virus scanner can detect anything.

The mIRC download mirrors on www.mirc.com/get.html are perfectly safe - there are NO worms, backdoors, viruses, trojans or anything else malicious on those download mirrors or in the installer package that comes with it. Refer to the "How did I get infected" question in my last post (did you read that by the way? wink) You will also find a version 5.91 (the last 16-bit version of mIRC) on that download site. You can download old mIRCs from many websites, simply search Google, although I would strongly advise against it.

As I also said in my last post, *WE* cannot tell you if you have a virus or not - we have no access, remote or otherwise, to your computer (nor do we want that) and many of us are not virus professionals or anything. You need to scan your computer with several virus AND trojan scanners, and preferably spyware scanners to try and clean yourself.

If you're having problems with DCC receiving then make sure it's definitely *your* problem, usually it's the senders end. Try receiving files from 4-5 different people. If doesn't work with any of them, try reading http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/getproblems.html or run a search on the forums for "DCC" or "DCC Get" and expand to 'All Forums' and 'All Posts' for best results. This is probably not related to any infections you have, although a possibility.