Hi. I'm brand new to this board, but I've been on mIRC a good six years now. I know better than to accept files ppl send to me without my having asked for them. I know better than to click on url's posted by just anyone in a channel. I know better than to type whatever someone may say to type. I too am having the BKDR_IRCFLOOD.X problem with trend micro. This time though, I watched carefully (for once) and the message just said HouseCall had found a malware.BKDR_IRCFLOOD.X and had cleaned it. It didn't say where it was found or which file it was found in. So, I went back to mIRC, and connected to my favorite server, then disconnected, and sure enough, it happened again. So, again, I reconnected to mIRC and disconnected. Then I went through the regedit procedure, and lo and behold none of the items mentioned by Trend Micro (or HouseCall whichever they prefer to call themselves) were listed in the regedit area. Therefore, my conclusion is, yes it, in my case at least, is a false alarm. (I used to run Pc Cillen II years ago, back in the days when puters wore animal skins, and it gave a false positive on an animated card a friend of mine sent to about six of us. Everyone else was running Nortons or Macafees, but me, and their a/v proggies did not hit on that card as being a virus. It was the title that set it off for me (apparently PC Cillen was super sensitive back then?) I spent something like four hours online with a friend that night trying to figure out if I had been infected or not (I was a true newbie in those days). I have to wonder if all of us who are having this problem are using the same version of mIRC? I'm running 6.12. I d/l mine from the official website too. Perhaps we're the only ones affected and therefore it's some sort of a benign glitch in the mIRC program itself??? Any thoughts (afterall, I may have been around the block a few times on mIRC, but I'm no puter pro for sure). I've been hit with so many things, and luckily my e_trust program has pulled my fat out of the fire each time. Anyway, I've rambled on enough for the new kid on the block. And thanks to whoever it was that posted those links for other sites offering free online scans. I ran one of the spy bot checkers (whatever the tecchie term is), and I am free and clean of ickies like that too...thanks again!
ouizee grin