Hi everyone, I for one am POSITIVE that I am infact infected with this virus. I opened a malicious link (the link was to something.txt but the .txt was just the name of the directory the exploit was in) that an infected user had sent me. After being infected and many obsenties later, I discovered how it had gotten to my computer without me accepting any files.

The link uses a VBScript exploit in IE which drops a .exe which has several files packed in it. The files inside are "Load.dll", "fix.bat", "mirc.exe", and "shutdown.exe". Load.dll I assume contains API's for mirc.exe. Shutdown.exe is an auto-extractor which inside contains a shortcut to "%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f" This simply shuts down the users computer instantly (-t 00) and forces the shutdown (-f). As of know, I have no idea whatsoever what mirc.exe does (usefull huh?), I assume this carries the payload and is what changes the registry entries noted in the trendmicro virus information. It is NOT a modified mirc client as I have ran it myself and nothing seems to run and I have monitored any open ports for a silent mirc client. fix.bat simply deletes the aforementioned files including itself and only contains
"del c:\load.dll
del c:\shutdown.exe
del c:\mirc.exe
copy c:\windows\notepad.exe c:\windows\system32\
del c:\fix.bat"

Why it copies notepad to system32, I have no clue.

ONLY after being infected with this virus, I have recieved the decetion of Ircflood.X by housecall.