its only been happening recently, and reports from users say its happening on more than one version of mIRC. I use housecall regularly and checked for all the files and registry entries before using it this time. (last time i had no probs) None present. Had the same thing happen that you and others report using Housecall. Opened mIRC (didnt even bother to connect), checked again, ran the scan again. Same thing. While i am inclined to agree it is indeed a false positive for many ppl (especially since no one is more neurotic about avoiding potential for trojans than i am) until Trendmicro's virus docs figure out what's going on we're making educated guesses. Check it out, run a couple other things to be sure, and wait for them to let us know their findings. I'm sure if it is a false positive they will make the necessary tweaks.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet