I should imagine the general scanning process in Housecall and PCCillin are the same as they are both produced by Trendmicro.

Trendmicro have already been contacted, and as has been said before, they have said their 'virus doctors' are looking into it - if they haven't cured it by now, they probably won't do, but these things do take time.

-Generally speaking-

Sorry, but I have to wonder why people keep posting - everything that can be said has been said, and if people would just take a little time to browse this entire thread, every question possible related to this topic is answered. Grateful as I/we are for contributing technical details of the scan, to be blunt, it is of little use to us. Send it off to Trendmicro and let them analyse it. We cannot speak on behalf of Trendmicro. They must be contacted themselves, and we cannot come up with a cure for it!