"By opening that link (clanbase hacked, blablabla..), your browser gets redirected to sh0ut3tb34ts,tk. This URL points your browser to a page containing some malicious code. Using the security holes of some browsers, the worm will then download another file. After being executed automatically, this file will install a hidden mIRC-client on your PC. This client automatically connects to a certain IRC server and joins a certain channel. By typing some commands in this channel, that guy could get full control over your PC. For example, he could see any file on your computer. The script even contains a special command which reads your CD-Keys for Half-Life, Battlefield 1942 + Vietnam, UT 2004 and Quake 3 from your registry and sends them directly to him."

Thats what i'v heard about this virus, anyone knows if its true? I have also been infected and cant remove it. Everytime i start nnscript (mIRC) it somehow comes back. confused

Tried to delete the extra notepad.exe and all that.. makes no diffrence though. mad