not helping me much since noone really knows how to remove the virus, atleast not yet..

As I have said in previous posts as have others, this is an mIRC help board - we're not virus experts (specifically) and the people to handle it must be the people who are qualified to. We're simply volunteer helpers who know little more than you do - everything "we" do know is explained in this thread.

Information and manual removal information is posted around the Internet, look through this thread and you'll find a link that explains Trendmicro's method of removal - if you've followed those steps and don't find what it suggests or do actually follow the instructions and remove said files, then the chances are you're not infected anymore.

If your issue is not with malware.Bkdr_Ircflood.X then it does not relate to this thread. You will need to use 2-3 virus scanners, as you have done, and if one is finding an infection and 2 are not, use another 2 virus scanners. If neither of them find it either, the chances are you are not infected.

Fact is, we have no/little chance of being able to directly help you, we don't know your computer setup, or know about every single virus (there are hundreds/thousands). All we can do is to provide you with a link that explains the infection and how to remove it. You can find that yourself though using Google.

This thread isn't here to help with viruses in general, it was started to report a possible false positive in Trendmicro. Trendmicro have said their virus doctors are looking into it, we cannot say anymore because we don't actually know anymore!

Good luck smile