OK here is my problem with the whole situation, its been about 27 days since ytytyt first received an email respose from Trend. To not have any real answers on this subject almost a month later really iritates me (with Trend).
Does Khaled/mIRC not feel any obligation to hasten communications with Trend? I know if it were my program that was in this situation I would be communicating with them every day and informing people of any real information/answers that come out. Maybe he already has and nothing relevant can be posted publicly yet.
For it to take this long seems to me that nothing is being done (by Trend) because they probably think its a false positive. Then again I may be quite wrong as I dont know any history with other viruses and how long new and/or possibly troublesome, difficult viruses take to be rssolved and fixes found for.
*wonders if ytytyt has yet received any response from Trend...* confused
Can anyone tell me a tool to use to see when/if a malicious mIRC is being operated from my computer and the traffic it would produce?
Sorry but it really makes me MAD when someone/something prevents me from using mIRC to connect to IRC for almost 30 days! mad

(I have since formatted and am back on mIRC)