Speaking of notepad.exes. I have an extra one right now, in C:\WINNT\system32\dllcache. Before, I know for sure, I had only 2; one in c/winnt and c/winnt/system32. Anyone else have this?

I use win2k.

I don't have anything mysterious in my run/registry/sys memory. But, my comp's acting funny. For the love of my life I can't figure out how I lost a whole album (12songs frown ). This just paranoia. And my HLIT is all messed up. when I open it, it doesn't show any of my fav but, fav.dat is there w/ everything in it, the menu at the bottom is gone. It was working fine yesterday.

Perhaps formating is long overdue.


Btw, I heard that

/remote off
/timers off

are good commands to secure mirc.