I completely agree that some people wrongly assume that because their own needs are met, nobody else should need or want anything further. Absurd.

Now, usage of Fish and DH1080 with IRC are common place. I see no sane reason how adding support for these is in any way a detriment to mirc. It's quite simply a useful feature that's been requested over & over by users. Such requests should be approached as follows:

- Is the request useful? Yes.
- Is the request recurring? Yes.
- Does the request add value by extending functionality? Yes.
- Does implementing the request involve an unreasonable amount of time, effort, or resources? No.

The above questions should be the deciding factor, not mere personal opinion. Does it matter if "you" think other people need this feature? Absolutely not. Therefore arguing against it's addition, with the above considerations, is completely wasteful and useless.

Further, it doesn't take an exceptionally intelligent mind to understand the reason so many other apps now include this stuff....they're meeting an obvious demand.