Hi everyone :-)

Well, im a fellow user of mIRC since many Years. Im not a Programmer or Coder, just a User.

Here my Facts:
* Conntected to 3 Server (all via SSL)
* 16 Channels at all
* 12 of thouse Channels using FiSH/DH1080

Im forced, to use 3rd-Party Patches/Plugins, to get my Channels working properly.

Personally i feel saver, knowing, my Chat is Encrypted. Specially in Germany, to keep your privat stuff "privat", hehe.

Me (and ALOT of other Users), would love to see a implemented FiSH-Function in mIRC. Alot of Friend (like 9 or 10), switched from mIRC to XChat, cause of the FiSH-Feature.

So, to the Coders:
If its possible, to add FiSH, by the name of all mIRC+FiSHUsers... ADD IT :-)

Best wishes from sunny Germany,