If it's on the todo list then that's good enough for me... Unfortunately when I first read this thread I had assumed that it was not in consideration. Especially when a few users argued strongly that it wasn't needed. We could argue that ssl was never needed and just use a wrap... but isn't using port +xxxx nicer?
As for my tests, I didn't think I needed to post a simple loop to explain...
alias looptest {
unset %counter
echo START
set %testtime $ctime
while ($calc(%testtime + 5) >= $ctime) {
inc %counter
scon 1 echo END - %counter
anything similar is good enough... anyhow 6.2 outputs 200,000 to 250,000 and 7.17 outputs 160,000 to 190,000. (Other commands were put in the loop with similar % ratio differences) Now here's a weird one... If I set the priority of mirc.exe (7.17) to real time, it only uses one core at 100% (when loaded). But if I set it back to normal, it uses all 4 with a range of 40-60%. The weird part is the above loop yields the same results.
I would have naturaly assumed that multi-core would have considerable difference but nope. What's even funier is I was not even aware of all this until I told someone my script was just tested in 7.17 and works 100%... His reply was "Just make sure it still works in 6.xx" What would be really cool is if we could send aliases to cores of our choosing, but probably too hard or impossible to implement. (Just an need idea, like scon 1, have core 1) Anyhow I'll leave that up to u guys to figure out. Always strapped for time. wink