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I have no interest in teaching you how to better use the google search engine. If you're having trouble coming across this stuff, you do indeed need to do better at thinking up search terms to use. I'm sure there's plenty of information available on that subject as well. My only suggestion is that you find reference material a little more current then 2009.

I'm done feeding the troll now.

Translation: "I searched and couldn't find anything, therefore I'm going to pretend that I won't waste my time because it's so easy and call you a troll for added effect."

What exactly do you hope to accomplish by making up a fake "translation"? I don't speak in riddles and secret meanings. It is just as I said. No amount of pretend nonsense you dream up and post is going to change that fact. My suggestion to you is to leave the childish attitude on the playground. Translation: Come on, grow up.