Well, it's not possible to implement FiSH as an mIRC script. That's the whole point of my post. A native (C-level) encryption API would also enable other encryption technologies like OTR.

PLEASE consider it.

To quote the FiSH DLL author:
Unfortunately it is not possible to do this by only using a mIRC script,
because it is not powerful enough for this job. Why? Well, the main
problem is that you are not able to REPLACE the original mIRC buffer
holding the (cipher) text with the encrypted/decrypted message, so that
you are required to 'halt' the original event (send/receive), encrypt
or decrypt the message and finally send/display the new (cipher/plain)
text. The result is incompatibilty within other mIRC scripts and mIRC
features, such as:

- displaying both (plain and ciphered) message lines in mIRC, workaround
  using halt command, which leads again to problems
- screwing formatted charts and ASCII pictures (simply everything that
  is using space characters as delimiters) - no workaround known
- performance loss, the mIRC DLL handling is not very fast
- and more ...

So either you request a real plug-in API in next mIRC version from the
author, or you live with the patching, which solves all these problems!

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