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It's foolish to question support of fish and DH considering how widely used it is.

Perhaps you should try paying attention. I wasn't questioning the support of the BLOWFISH ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM. I was asking you to name IRC programs that implement blowcrypt (a specific "protocol"). It doesn't take an exceptionally intelligent mind to understand that TIVO DVR's have little relevance to the needs of an IRC client. Implementing Blowfish over SSH, or encrypting passwords on a local machine with a salt is not at all the same thing as implementing Blowfish over IRC. If you actually read the resource I posted, you will see that the differences are discussed in detail. The article was written for a reason, and the issues mentioned present unique implementation problems w.r.t. IRC.

Since you brought it up, however, the reason those apps include encryption mechanisms is because they are security tools (exception of TIVO DVR's). This is an idiotic comparison. Certainly a security tool will include security features. mIRC is a chat client, not a security tool. The point here is that every other IRC client [that supports plugins] supports blowcrypt through third party plugins (FiSH, mircryption, etc). Why does mIRC need to be different here?

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My only suggestion is that you find reference material a little more current then 2009.

You do realize that even the *scripts* people use for blowcrypt implementations are 2009 or older, right? FiSH's last release for mIRC was Jan 2010. mircryption's last release was April 2007. These scripts still work for mIRC. New resources are useful when there is new information. There is no new information w.r.t. these implementations. Again, if there is, please show us. This doesn't need to be a google match or some geek-off where you prove that your google fu is better than everybody else's. It's a simple query: please show us some of the information that you claim is out there.

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